German Kindergarten & School
at Taipei European School

Welcome to the Kindergarten of the German School Taipei! 

Where children from the most diverse cultural backgrounds come together, learn and live together.

German early years education

Living and learning together in a multicultural environment

Are you looking for a kindergarten that focuses on your child from the beginning, that inspires your child, and where you feel that your child is developing with every step?

Do you want your child to learn today for the world of tomorrow?

Come with us on a journey from German Kindergarten to bilingual IB (German-English) and give your child the liberty of learning.

Learning environment

  • Large campus with many offerings
  • Small group sizes
  • multicultural

Developing the whole child

  • Education for responsibility and independence
  • Focus on musical education and playful learning

The Taipei European campus in Taipei

  • In-house optimized and tested language education programme
  • An enthusiastic, committed and experienced team of teachers
  • Close cooperation with the primary school

Contact Information

Find us here:
Swire European Primary Campus , 99 FuGuo Road, ShiLin District, Taipei


02 8145-9007 ext. 1302